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Schafer Consulting connects real world business solutions to behavioral healthcare operations resulting in improved financial performance. We help hospitals, healthcare systems, and community organizations that provide psychiatric services measurably improve profitability, program quality, labor productivity, and market position without compromising the organizational goal or mission. Uniquely focused on behavioral healthcare since 1993, we look forward to speaking with you about your specific needs. Call or contact us in confidence.

Psychiatric Hospital Operations Assessments We succeed in transforming organizations by connecting operations to real world business requirements, and by providing our clients with unique tools to measure and track performance. Learn More

Psychiatric Hospital Organizational Transformation Consultants We provide turnaround and interim management solutions for financially under performing behavioral health operations. Learn More

psychiatric-hospital-financial-performance-consultants We work with clients to improve the financial performance of their behavioral health services. We focus on improving payer mix, cost structure alignment, and other financial strategies. Learn More

Emergency Department Mental Health Consultants Do you need to reduce the amount of time that psychiatric patients spend in your emergency department? We work with clients to help reduce the volume of behavioral health patients using emergency room services, while providing more relevant services for these patients. Learn More

Psychiatric Hospital Feasibility Studies Our feasibility studies include demand analyses, projections, and financial forecasts to help you make informed decisions, and to justify as well as to attract investments. Learn More

Psychiatric Hospital Strategic Planning Consultants We provide strategic planning and analysis to help your plans for future psychiatric services delivery with all the changes in funding, markets, and admissions. Learn More

Affordable Care Act Consultants Do you know how the Affordable Care Act will impact your organization’s behavioral health services? We assist hospitals to analyze their psychiatric and substance abuse treatment services positions relative to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and find the balance between financial viability and quality of care success. Learn More

Behavioral Health Accreditation ConsultantsSchafer Consulting can help your organization develop its own in-house processes in order to always be ready for a Joint Commission survey, while improving the quality and efficiency of care. Learn More

behavioral-health-compliance-consultants Patient and visitor health and safety. Risk management and risk reduction strategies. Patient privacy. We help our clients to operate within the complex framework of regulations that must be fulfilled to receive and maintain behavioral health services accreditation. Learn More




Questions? We provide our clients a unique focus on behavioral healthcare based on 20 years of experience as psychiatric hospital consultants, and we look forward to speaking with you about your specific needs. Call (724) 213-0200 today, or contact us, in confidence.